Networking at UPMC

Colvin,%20TrevorAs a Summer Associate at UPMC, it is important to work hard individually and complete meaningful projects as well as develop relationships with your colleagues. Campus Programs set up multiple opportunities for interns to converse with top executives of many departments such as finance, human resources, IT, and marketing. Examples of these exposure opportunities include the Pirates game and Executive Spotlight events. The Pirates game allows summer associates and executives to meet in a fun and casual setting. It is a great time to come together with your fellow interns and co-workers while cheering on the Buccos, and it provides the chance for questions you may have to be answered by executives who were in your position at one point in their career. Parallel, the Executive Spotlight events showcase leaders across a variety of divisions, which allow you to learn more about UPMC as a whole even though you are only interning for one aspect of the company. The series allows interns to ask questions and receive advice from senior management in the different departments.

Networking is important, and as an intern, it is crucial that you step out of your comfort zone in order to set up meetings with your colleagues. It can never hurt to send an email and ask to meet for a lunch date or coffee break. At UPMC, leaders of the various departments want to see you succeed and will meet with you, but cannot if you do not reach out to them! Once you have a meeting time decided, do your “homework” and be prepared with a  few questions you may have for your colleague after researching his/her particular job or department. This shows initiative that you take an interest in the company and want to learn as much as possible in the short period of time that you are interning. In addition, it is important to take notes during your meeting because you are learning from someone who has more experience and knowledge. After your meeting, always make sure to send a follow-up thank you, for that person did not have to meet with you, but chose to.

At UPMC, I made it a personal goal to network with as many executives and employees as possible. I have learned so much from my different meetings, whether with a CFO, manager of a division, or leader in the HR department. Networking provides you opportunities to not only learn something new every day but also to develop relationships that may become valuable in your future career. UPMC executives are leaders of the company and the top leaders in the region; and I am grateful for all of the meetings that I have had during my time as a summer associate.

By Trevor Colvin, Summer Associate

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Volunteering at Children’s Hospital and the Summer Carnival

One great aspect of the Summer Associates Program is all of the volunteering opportunities that are available.  There are service events for all UPMC summer associates together across each of the corporate departments; ones organized between the finance management rotation associates (FMRs) and summer associates (SAs), and ones that are specific to only summer associates.

Blog Picture_Sammi LayoOne Tuesday in July, the summer associates spent an afternoon working with kids at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC volunteering at their Summer Carnival.  We arrived early before it began so we could set up games, prizes, and a photo booth in the atrium where the kids could come and have an enjoyable afternoon.  It was a wonderful experience to see the children laughing and smiling with their parents and siblings, running around trying to play all the games and win prizes.  One of the favorite activities seemed to be throwing a whipped cream pie at a police officer.  A little girl walked over to me right after she finished, while still laughing, and asked if she could do it again.  There was also a magic show where kids could come to sit down and relax while they enjoyed Rita’s Italian Ice.  A volunteer even brought around boxes of candy to inpatient rooms where children who were too sick to come downstairs were at, so they could still be a part of the special day.  We stayed afterwards to clean and help put the carnival decorations and games back into storage.

The volunteer events, that peer-elected service chairs work so hard to organize, are a great aspect to the Summer Associates Program at UPMC.  Throughout college, many of us have been involved with countless service activities.  This was a way for us to continue to giving back, but also meet people from the different divisions of the hospitals and catch up with other SAs at different locations.

By  Sammi Layo, Summer Associate

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Things I’ll Miss About UPMC

Salerno,%20AlexandraFrom Magee Womens Hospital of UPMC to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, we all know someone with an incredible connection. Now, thanks to my amazing summer in media relations, that connection is stronger than ever. I ‘m sure going to miss this place…

Here are the Top Five Things I’ll Miss the Most:

1)      The people
My time as a summer associate offered me the chance to meet so many fascinating people at UPMC. I could not have been part of a more welcoming team when I joined media relations. “We’re so happy you’re finally here!” was the most encouraging exclamation from every member of the team during my first day on the job. There is something special about working in an environment where everyone you work with truly wants you to succeed. My manager, mentor, and the rest of my team was always willing to do anything to help me achieve my highest potential.

2)      The incredible stories

During my second week in media relations, my manager invited me to attend a transplant media event. Because of one altruistic kidney donor, three other people received a kidney as well as making an eight person kidney transplant chain at UPMC Montefiore. At the media event, everyone involved in the chain met for the first time. At one point in the event, members of the chain gathered around the donor who set off the transplant chain and asked him why he felt compelled to donate despite having no personal connection to any of the recipients or kidney donation in general. Being able to be a part of experiences such as these still gives me chills. I was lucky to hear these incredible stories day after day as part of the media relations team.

3)      Those inside jokes 

Working in the same room as 11 other marketing summer associates gave us a bond you can only really get if you were there. You haven’t really lived the UPMC dream until you’ve heard Mitchell Martin do an uncanny impression of the UPMC tagline, “At the heart of all we do is you. UPMC.”  I am also going to miss my amazing fellow summer associates. The chance to work side by side with such a bright and hardworking bunch of peers inspired me to do better each day, and I know we will all keep in touch.

4)      The amazing opportunities 

UPMC campuses span not only Alleghany County, but also the globe. And although I wasn’t able to tour UPMC’s sites in Ireland and Italy, I gained access to some of the most impressive medical facilities in the nation. I toured UPMC East in Monroeville and Children’s Hospital in Lawrenceville. I also toured the UPMC Center for Sports Medicine, The Center for Connected Medicine, and the amazing Technology Development Center in Bakery Square. Healthcare is rapidly changing, and I witnessed this in action.

5)      The inspiring advice

The best part of the Summer Associates Program is the opportunity to connect with mentors, managers and executives to discuss career goals. Throughout the summer I heard from 13 UPMC executives over the course of two Executive Spotlights, attended lunch with marketing executives who spoke to my fellow associates about our career paths, and offered valuable advice about our futures.

Bonus: That view
The US Steel Building is perhaps the most recognizable in Pittsburgh; but the best part of the building is looking out at the Steel City from the inside. Working a midst such beautiful Pittsburgh surroundings with a view from Oakland to North Shore for a company like UPMC, who is so invested in the people of its city, made me proud to be a “Pittsburgher.”

By Alexandra Salerno, Summer Associate

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Kick Off Presentation

During our first day at the orientation program, when we were given our schedule for the summer, two events immediately struck my Blog Picture_Suzanne Bretteye: Kick Off Presentation and Report Out Presentation. Obviously I knew the Summer Associates would be presenting, but I did not know who our audience would be. I quickly learned that we would be speaking in front of some of the top executives within UPMC.

At first, when I found out that I would be presenting to top management as a Summer Associate, I was excited but also very intimidated. As I was learning more about the program, I kept hearing that we would have exposure to top executives through various networking events.   I never thought I would be presenting in the boardroom to Rob DeMichiei, Senior Vice President and CFO , along with his executive management team during my first month of working at UPMC as a Summer Associate.

The purpose of the kick-off presentations is to introduce ourselves to some of the senior management team while also gaining public speaking experience and getting to learn more about our fellow Summer Associates. Although I was nervous to speak in front of top executives, I realized how truly unique that experience would be and I appreciated that they took time out of their busy schedules to learn more about us.

After the presentations, I gained a better appreciation for the experience that UPMC has granted me. I can honestly say that everyone I met has been really interested in the well-being of all other employees, which makes UPMC a very welcoming environment to join.  I am so glad that I had that opportunity during my time here this summer.

By Suzanne Brett, Summer Associate

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Getting to Know Your Team Members

There are many organized activities and events designed to make your time at UPMC a great experience. However, I found one of the most valuable activities was the everyday interaction with my team members. These day-to-day interactions really allowed my internship experience at UPMC to contribute to my career in a way that no other internship has ever before. Therefore, the piece of advice I would give future Summer Associates is simple and easy, yet extremely important.  Get to know your team members!

I was placed on the Corporate Accounting team at UPMC which had a very unique dynamic. Everyone in the group is friends with one another Hartman,%20Katieand they spend a significant amount of time together outside of work. While it was a little intimidating at first to enter into such a close-knit group, the team immediately began inviting me to daily lunches and the occasional happy hour. Through these experiences, I have been able to connect with people from throughout UPMC that I may not have been able to meet without the relationships I formed with team members. The other valuable aspect of these relationships is the honest advice and opinions on anything from restaurants around Pittsburgh to my career path. While every Summer Associate gets an assigned mentor I feel like I have 6 that I can go to for anything that I need.

The great thing about my team, and most teams in the finance or accounting group, is there are people from all walks of life making valuable contributions to the team that are great resources for you as a young professional! For instance, on my team alone, I can go talk to someone in the Finance Management Rotation Program (FMR), an FMR that is transitioning to become a Senior Accounting Analyst, a Senior Accounting Analyst that is a seasoned FMR alumnus, a Senior Accounting Analyst that has made the transition from public accounting to UPMC, a Director that has recently transitioned from his Manger role, and a Corporate Controller. You would be hard pressed to find any other internship opportunity that would provide you with people that have anywhere near their wealth of knowledge.

Not all teams you will be placed on will go to lunch every day or out together after work but there are steps that you can take as a Summer Associate to help you make the same valuable connections that I have with your team members. The first thing you could do is get to know your teammates individually. Try setting up a one-on-one lunch or coffee date with each of them. Secondly, look for opportunities where you may be able to do something as a group! People are pretty busy and usually have things to do after work but if you to set up an event such as a happy hour or dinner far enough in the future you could give everyone the opportunity to plan ahead. The solution may be as simple as planning to attend an already scheduled UPMC event together instead of going individually. Whatever your method may be I encourage all of you to reach out and use the incredible resources available to you every day in the cube next door.

By Katelyn Hartman, Summer Associate

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Summer Associate Experience

During my summer I was fortunate enough to spend time in various Value Analysis Team (VAT )meetings and learn about how these teams contribute to UPMC.  These teams, created for specific areas of medicine, meet once every month to discuss new upcoming products for their areas, products not preforming, and reexamine products. VAT teams include the pediatric VAT, respiratory VAT, IV VAT and many more.Mellott,%20Mollie

The VAT meetings really opened my eyes to how much research, trial and thought goes into choosing the products in UPMC hospitals. I loved working with doctors and nurses to see how supply chain and the hospitals work together to make sure everyone agrees. I also loved the chance to work with vendors coming to share their newest product with us. Until now, I had never had real life experience working with suppliers, which is a big part of the supply chain process. My favorite part of the VAT meetings is learning about new medical products and how medical supplies work. My classes at Penn State are business focused, and I’ve never had any experience in the medical field so it was cool to combine the knowledge I’ve gained from college and the new things I’m learning about medical supplies to make a final decision on products.

By Mollie Mellott, Summer Associate

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Surviving and Thriving as a Summer Associate

Skubak,%20MollyFor those of you lucky enough to be in the next wave of summer associates, get ready: you’re about to embark on an exciting, meaningful, eye-opening, and often overwhelming summer at UPMC. You’re going to learn more than you probably thought possible—about your specific department, UPMC as a whole, and the corporate world at large. You’re going to discover what areas suit you and which just aren’t your style. And while your experience will undoubtedly be unique, I hope my time at UPMC can help prepare you for yours. So, from a veteran to the rookies, here is a brief guide to surviving and thriving as a summer associate:

1. First things first: if you’re working in the Steel building, prepare to be outsmarted by the elevators. Many of you are probably wondering, how did a girl who gets befuddled by elevators land an internship at UPMC? Trust me, I’m not the only one. This may not make sense now, but remember this for your first day: look for the hand sanitizer; if you can see it from your elevator on the first floor, turn left when you get upstairs; if you don’t see it, turn right. Plenty of us have turned out of the elevator only to walk toward doors that don’t actually open. And elevator doors close slowly, so anyone still on the elevator will see you turn around and walk to the correct doors.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You won’t know everything coming into this program, and no one expects you to. Everyone I’ve met here is incredibly friendly and happy to help when you’re feeling lost, so never feel like you can’t seek them out for guidance.

3. Take advantage of all the networking opportunities this internship provides. You’ll have several opportunities to meet managers, directors, and executives throughout your summer at UPMC. You never want to force networking, but do take advantage of being able to get to know and learn from these people. Attend as many networking events as possible and ask questions whenever you get the chance.

4. I don’t want to play favorites, but as a former Marketing and Communications summer associate, I can’t help but offer some advice on spending a summer in the cave. That’s right future Marketing and Communications interns, you’ll be spending your summer in what’s been deemed the cave. To paint a picture, this summer there are 12 of us in a small conference room. Almost any time a manager enters the cave they note how quiet we are, and I’m still not really sure how it always works out this way.  When the door’s closed we’re usually turning the stress balls that are meant to calm us down into weapons that we launch at one another. Oh, and if anyone brings in something sugary for us, all bets are off. One day, three of us surprised the group with treats, and it was pandemonium. Given that we are, in fact, expected to get work done amidst all the chaos that is the cave, you probably won’t be surprised that I recommend bringing headphones for when you really need to focus or when, let’s face, the other associates are driving you crazy.

5. Don’t be glued to your cell phone. An executive recently told us he notices employees our age are constantly on their phones. Even though you may be checking your UPCM inbox, your managers don’t necessarily know or assume you’re being productive on your cell. Use it when you need to, but do be aware that when older generations see college kids on their cells phones there’s a good chance they assume you’re “twittering” or “facesnapbookchatting.”

6. Be open-minded. Many of you will come into this program thinking you know exactly what kind of work you want to do throughout this summer and beyond, but your goals and interests may change. Let them! Try new things. Say yes to assignments that weren’t on your radar. Shadow someone in a different department. The only way you’ll ever really know if you’re in the right position is if you try them all.

7. Every day from 2-3, pastries in the MyHealth café are only $1. Just sayin.

8. Always carry a pen and paper. You never want to be in the position where everyone else is taking notes and you’re awkwardly trying to figure out what to do with your hands or worse, having someone give you an assignment that you then forget because you didn’t write it down. Even if you’re just going to be talking to someone briefly, it’s always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

9. Get to know the other summer associates. You may be dreaming of rubbing elbows with all the impressive managers and executives you’ll be meeting, but your fellow summer associates are impressive, too! I’ve learned so much from the wonderful, talented interns I’m lucky enough to work with, and you will, too.

10. Have fun! So cliché, I know, but in the end are you really going to remember that Excel sheet you put together, or are you going to look back on this summer and remember the overall feel of it? Work hard, of course, but stay sane, too. Besides, if you’re not enjoying your time at UPMC, chances are you aren’t putting out your best work.

I hope these tips help you make the most of your summer at UPMC!

By Molly Skubak, Summer Associate

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